Atomic & Molecular Physics

William Milner wins this year's GPMFC Student Poster Prize at DAMOP


This year's winner of the Group for Precision Measurement and Fundamental Constants (GPMFC) Student Poster Prize is JILA student William Milner.  Milner's poster prize was won at DAMOP, which is a part of the American Physics Society (APS) and stands for Division of Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics.  The title of his poster was "Exploring interactions in the band insulating regime with Fermi-degenerate 87 Sr".  Congratulations Will!

Our new paper on scalable, coherent tweezer clocks is published in Nature!


In this work, we showed half-minute scale coherence in a tweezer clock of 150 atoms, demonstrated high relative stability, and established new methods for scaling ultracold arrays of neutral atoms. Congratulations to the team! See also: The Nature highlight on our work and the recent entangled optical clock paper from the Vuletić group; and, NIST highlight.