JILA Postdoc Group Hosts Funding Agency Panel

The JILA Postdoc Group hosted a funding panel (L to R): JILA Postdoc Jake Higgins, JILA Fellow Heather Lewandowski, JILA Fellow Ann-Marie Madigan, JILA Postdoc Rachael Merritt

Image Credit
Kenna Hughes-Castleberry/JILA

In an initiative to foster research and innovation, JILA's postdoctoral group recently organized a panel discussion focusing on proposal funding from national foundations. The event featured esteemed JILA Fellows and University of Colorado Boulder Physics Heather Lewandowski and Ann-Marie Madigan, who shared their insights and experiences in securing research funding. The panel aimed to guide and inform postdocs and young researchers about the intricacies of proposal writing and the best practices for obtaining grants from prominent foundations. Lewandowski and Madigan, both highly respected in their fields, offered valuable advice and strategies, highlighting the importance of clear, impactful proposals in advancing scientific research. This event underscores JILA's commitment to nurturing the next generation of scientists and their groundbreaking work.