The Group

Principal Investigator

Andreas Becker

Room: JILA X350
Phone: 303-492-7825
Email: andreas.becker(at)

Graduate Students

Yonas Abera Gebre (Physics)

Room: JILA X324
Email: yoge8051(at)

Bejan Ghomashi (Physics)

Email: Bejan.Ghomashi(at)

Ran Brynn Reiff (Physics)

Room: JILA X324
Email: ran.reiff(at)

Joel Venzke (Physics)

Room: JILA X324
Email: joel.venzke(at)

Spencer Roman Walker (Physics)

Room: JILA X324
Email: spencer.walker(at)

Research Assistant

Lucas Kolanz

Email: lucas.kolanz(at)

Undergraduate Students

Donald Rex Planalp (Physics)

Email: donald.planalp(at)

Previous Group Members

at JILA:
Albert Benseny Visiting Graduate Student (2010, current: Aarhus University)
Shaohao Chen Postdoc (2008-11, current: Boston University)
Amanda Crawford Masters (2012-2014, current: Epic Systems Cooporation)
James Ferrell Undergraduate (2011, current: Freelance Programmer)
Andrew Felsch Undergraduate (2017/18)
Dina Genkina Undergraduate (2009, current: JQI)
Cory Goldsmith Graduate Student (2012-18, current: iZotope)
Carlos Hernandez-Garcia Visiting Graduate Student (2011) and Postdoc (2013-15, EU Marie Curie Fellowship, current: University of Salamanca)
Nicholas Kuon Undergraduate (2010, current: Colorado State University)
Timothy Lagae Undergraduate (2010)
Zhichao Li Visiting Graduate Student (2014/15, current: Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Edward MacDonald Undergraduate (2019)
Michelle Miller PhD (2011-16, current: Google)
Hongcheng Ni PhD (2009-14, current: East China Normal University)
Antonio Picon Postdoc (2009-11, current: University of Madrid)
Erez Shani Masters (2015-17, current: World Class Academy)
Andrew Spott PhD (2011-17, current: TruU)
Jing Su PhD (2009-14, current: ASML)
Norio Takemoto Postdoc (2008/11, current: Kansas State University)
Daniel Weflen Masters (2010-14)
Zetong Xue Undergraduate (2017/18, current: Stony Brook University)

at Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden, Germany and Laval University, Quebec, Canada:
Edward Arevalo Postdoc (current: Pontificial Catholic University of Chile)
Silvio Baier PhD (current: Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden)
Feng He Postdoc (current: Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Weiwei Liu PhD (current: Nankai University)
Przemyslaw Panek Postdoc
Arvid Requate PhD (current: univention Bremen)
Camilo Ruiz Postdoc (current: University of Salamanca)