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Resources for the final homework:

NASA's Strategic Plan and 2007 Budget request - these documents explain what NASA plans to do over the next decade or so.

A list of sources for many of the images and movies shown in class. Most of the movies are in mpeg format. Enjoy!

Hubble Space Telescope images from the Space Telescope Science Institute. Many of the images of star clusters, nebulae and galaxies I'm showing are HST images from this collection.

The Sun from SOHO (click on "gallery" for images and movies). SOHO is a joint ESA / NASA spacecraft that observes the Sun continuously. Great movies of activity in the Solar corona, plus "real time" images what the Sun is doing today.

TRACE movies: TRACE is another spacecraft observing the Sun - these movies give a great visual impression of magnetic activity on the Solar surface.

Cosmology movies: many of the movies of structure formation in the Universe I'm showing come from Ben Moore and his group in Zurich.

Galaxy collisions simulated by John Dubinski.

Star cluster formation movies from Matthew Bate.

Zoom from the Milky Way to subatomic scales - Java tutorial recreating the famous "Powers of 10" film.

Merging neutron stars from the UKAFF supercomputing center.

Gas flowing into black holes from my own research work.

Orbits around black holes

Astronomy picture of the day - well worth checking daily!

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