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This course will have no midterm. Instead, you will write a report on a paper which has appeared as an astro-ph preprint sometime within the last year.

The report will count for 15% of your grade.



The paper should be on some topic in cosmology, but otherwise there is no restriction.

You may choose to report on a paper which is relevant to your web project.

You may not report on a paper which you have been asked to report on elsewhere. Two people may not report on the same paper.

Your report should be in two parts. The first part should describe succinctly the principal arguments and results of the paper. The second part should be in the style of a ``referee's report'', and should bring out the merits and faults of the paper. Your report should include a recommendation to publish, revise, or reject.

You should imagine that the author(s) will read the report. Therefore you should be polite but factual at all times. If you make general criticisms, you should back these up with detailed specifics.

As referee, it is your responsibility to go through the paper with a fine toothcomb to check for errors, unclear statements, and misprints. If you like, you can mark up a copy of the paper, but this should not take the place of your report.

Should you choose a good paper or a bad paper to review? Either. The advantage of a good paper is that you learn more, and it's easier to tell the author nice things about their paper. The advantage of a bad paper is that it offers more of a challenge.

Titles of Chosen Papers

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Updated 10/06/97