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ASTR 3740 Relativity & Cosmology Spring 2007. Problem Set 3. Due Fri 23 Feb

This is a shorter problem set.

Falling into a Black Hole

Explore the Falling into a Black Hole web site. Formulate a quiz question on black holes different from any of those at http://casa.colorado.edu/~ajsh/quiz.html, and answer it.

80% of your grade on this problem set will be on your quiz question, and 20% on your answer to it. So be sure to state the question clearly and precisely, in a way that a person reading the web site would understand unambiguously. You may collaborate with others, but you should write your quiz question and answer by yourself. You may get some ideas by surfing the web (or even by reading a book or magazine), but if you do so you must reference your sources.

Andrew Hamilton
16 Feb 2007