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 3740 Home  ASTR 3740 Relativity and Cosmology Spring 2007 Embedding diagram of a Schwarzschild wormhole
Embedding diagram of a Schwarzschild wormhole
MWF 11:00-11:50pm in Duane Physics, G131.

This is an upper division undergraduate course in Relativity and Cosmology for science majors. It aims to provide a quantitative introduction to special and general relativity, to black holes, and to modern cosmology. Knowledge of matrices and calculus is assumed. This an elective for the APS major and minor.

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    Professor Andrew J. S. Hamilton
Room:   JILA Tower, room A706
Office Hours:   T 10:30am-noon and 1-2pm, Th 10:30am-1pm.
Email:   Andrew.Hamilton@Colorado.EDU
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Updated 16 Jan 2007