Shuo Sun


Thi Hoang obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Middlebury College in 2021. She is a graduate student from Vietnam pursuing experimental AMO physics. In her previous research, she worked on Doppler-free spectroscopy with cold rubidium atoms in a magneto-optical trap, investigating quantum optical effects at low temperature. Her current interest includes optically controlled quantum dot qubits and optical microcavities. 


Tree started his undergraduate study in 2019 at the University of Colorado Boulder, with a major in math and physics. He is eager to extend his knowledge beyond the material in class. He is a pop-sci geek. He was vice president of the Thai student association. He likes hiking and his dream is to visit all the national parks in the US. After graduating, he wants to pursue his future study in quantum information and computation.


Arunava is a senior undergraduate student from IIT Delhi, majoring in Electrical Engineering. He is currently a virtual visiting student of the Sun Group, working on optical networks related to generation and measurement of entangled photonic states. After obtaining his BS, he plans to pursue graduate studies in the area of quantum information science.