Jun Ye


I am a graduate student working on the direct laser cooling of Yttrium Oxide (YO). This project has pioneered many feats for diatomic molecules such as magneto-optical trapping, sub-Doppler cooling, and conservative trapping. Ongoing work seeks to further achieve higher densities and lower temperatures towards quantum degeneracy, expanding the frontiers of quantum control. I was previously an undergraduate at the University of Chicago where I studied physics and math.


Nelson joined the lab in September 2022 as a Humboldt postdoctoral fellow. He obtained his Ph.D. from the Bloch group at LMU in Munich, where he worked on ultracold ytterbium quantum gases in optical lattices. For his thesis work, he explored how the clock state of ytterbium can be employed for the simulation of interesting multiorbital models from solid-state physics.


I am a VATAT postdoctoral research fellow working on high-precision mid-IR spectroscopy of buffer gas cooled fullerenes.  I earned my PhD in the Fleischer lab at Tel-Aviv University on ultrafast rotational echo spectroscopy and coherent molecular dynamics of gas phase ensembles.