"Humans of JILA" Podcast Episode 9-JILA's Computing Shop

Submitted by kennac on Wed, 05/22/2024 - 10:59 am

Computing is key for physics research, from running simulations to calculating difficult equations. To support JILA's computing needs, the Computing Shop and its six members offer various resources, including onboarding new JILAns and updating older wifi systems. In this new "Humans of JILA" podcast episode, you'll hear from two of the Computing Shop members and discuss the rich history of computing at JILA.

Humans of JILA podcast: Episode 6: JILA and NIST Fellow and Nobel Laureate, Eric Cornell

Submitted by kennac on Wed, 02/28/2024 - 11:53 am

JILA and NIST Fellow Dr. Eric Cornell is one of two Nobel Laureates currently working at JILA. In this episode, you'll hear the story of how Cornell worked to discover the BEC (Bose-Einstein-Condensate), which earned him a Nobel Prize in 2001, and how the Nobel Prize has affected his career. You'll also hear about Cornell's current research and meet one of his graduate students Anzhou Wang, who discusses what it's like working for a Nobel laureate.

Humans of JILA Podcast: Episode 5: JILA's Electronic Shop with Staff Members James Fung-A-Fat, Terry Brown, and Ivan Ryger

Submitted by kennac on Wed, 01/31/2024 - 2:23 pm

To make some of the most precise measurements in the world, JILA scientists need customized electronic components. This is where the JILA instrument shop comes in, as they design, improve, and implement these unique electronic devices throughout the institute. Meet three of the electronic staff members: Terry Brown, James Fung-A-Fat, and Ivan Ryger, and their favorite moments of working in the electronics shop

Humans of JILA Podcast: Episode 4: The Art of Scientific Illustration with JILA's Director of Science Communications and Scientific Illustrator Steven Burrows

Submitted by kennac on Mon, 11/27/2023 - 9:55 am

Welcome to the fourth episode of the "Humans of JILA" podcast, where we delve into the captivating world of scientific illustration. Today, we're thrilled to have Steven Burrows, JILA's esteemed Director of Science Communications and a renowned Scientific Illustrator, as our special guest. With a career at JILA that spans almost a decade, Steven has been at the forefront of blending art and science, bringing complex scientific concepts to life through his illustrations. 

“Humans of JILA” podcast: Episode 3-JILA’s Postdoc Group

Submitted by kennac on Mon, 11/06/2023 - 11:21 am

The postdoctoral position, or “postdoc” as it is colloquially called, can span between one to three years, as a researcher focuses on their next career steps after their Ph.D. During this time, individuals develop unique research projects while considering where to transition to next. To understand this position better, the “Humans of JILA” podcast interviewed the two Co-Chairs of the JILA Postdoc Group: Rachael Merritt and Jake Higgins.