Data-informed discovery of earth-abundant semiconductors for solar hydrogen generation

Speaker Name/Affiliation
Ismaila Dabo / Pennsylvania State University
Location (Room)
JILA Auditorium
Event Details & Abstracts

Abstract: Solar hydrogen generation is pivotal to diversifying the global energy supply away from fossil fuels in the transportation sector and across major industries, including ammonia synthesis, process metallurgy, and hydrocarbon production [1,2]. While photovoltaics and electrolysis are increasingly mature technologies whose association may offer a viable path to produce hydrogen at scale, there is increasing debate over building a future hydrogen infrastructure that would massively rely on critical platinum-group metals and on photovoltaic devices, whose supply chains are not controlled domestically [3,4]. Thus, there is strategic interest in developing scalable semiconductors that can directly cleave water into oxygen and hydrogen under solar illumination by photocatalytic means. This presentation will discuss the use of data-intensive materials discovery workflow for narrowing down the choice of candidate semiconductors for solar hydrogen generation [5-7]. Progress in predicting the optical properties of compound semiconductors will also be highlighted [8,9].


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