Microwave-driven Rabi magnetometry implemented in hot atomic vapor

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Christopher Kiehl / Graduate Student, Regal Group
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Reception in the h-bar following the defense. 


Abstract: Recent advancements in optically pumped atomic magnetometers (OPMs) have led to record sensitivities below 1 fT/√Hz, yet
face accuracy challenges in both scalar and vector measurements that limit their use in geomagnetic applications like navigation and space exploration. In this work, I showcase scalar and vector magnetometry experiments using nondestructive Rabi oscillation measurements driven between the hyperfine manifolds of ⁸⁷Rb in a microfabricated vapor cell. These experiments leverage Rabi oscillations across multiple transitions, revealing distinct advantages over traditional OPM methods. This includes the capability to extract critical vapor cell parameters from Rabi population dynamics and to monitor microwave field drifts, which could otherwise compromise vector accuracy.