Quantum Simulation for High-Energy Physics

Speaker Name/Affiliation
Federica Maria Surace / California Institute of Technology
Seminar Type Other
Special Physics Colloquium
Location (Room)
JILA Auditorium
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Abstract: Simulating strongly interacting quantum systems is a difficult task: as a prominent example, solving the fundamental equations of the quantum chromodynamics theory of quarks and gluons requires non-perturbative approaches based on computationally-expensive Monte Carlo simulations. The need for alternative solutions that do not rely on Monte Carlo methods has recently motivated an increasing interest in the possible applications of quantum simulation and computation. In this talk, I will review the recent advances in the field of quantum simulation for high-energy physics, with a special focus on analog simulators based on ultra-cold atoms. These controllable quantum systems can be used to simulate a variety of phenomena, including confinement, particle collisions, and false vacuum decay.