Humans of JILA Podcast Episode: PISEC Part two!

Cover of the Humans of JILA podcast episode 7 and 8: PISEC part 1 and 2

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Kenna Hughes-Castleberry/JILA

Introducing the next "Humans of JILA" epsiode for the highly anticipated second part of our PISEC series. PISEC (Partnerships for Informal Science Education in the Community) is an educational outreach and research program within JILA funded by the NSF-Center the JILA Physics Frontier Center (PFC).

Dive deeper into the world of informal physics education with returning insights from the six passionate PISEC members and volunteers you met previously. This episode also introduces two fresh voices in the field, enhancing our exploration of the vital role that physics education plays within the JILA, CU Boulder, and the broader Colorado community. Discover the impactful ways PISEC connects people to science and fosters a lasting enthusiasm for learning. Don't miss these powerful stories of dedication and discovery that highlight the transformative influence of PISEC on both learners and educators alike.

Listen to the episode via YouTube here.