About the Thompson Laboratory

A general theme of our research is breaking quantum limits using collective interactions between laser-cooled atoms and a single mode of an optical cavity.

Superradiance We have demonstrated a supperadiant laser that operates quasi-continuously with as few as 0.2 intracavity photons. The atoms replace the photons as the carrier of phase information. This work challenges our notion of what a laser is, and might lead to the narrowest lasers ever developed with coherence lengths stretching from the earth to the sun.  read more

Spin Squeezing We have broken the Standard Quantum Limit on phase estimation by generating a spin-squeezed state of many atoms. This works explores how to generate entanglement using long range interactions, and may lead to improved quantum sensors and tests of fundamental physics. read more

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Zilong Chen answering questions at his Ph.D. defense.
Glowing atoms and lasers used to cool them