GFB Travel GRANT 2020


The APS Topical Group on Few-Body Systems and Multi-Particle Dynamics is sponsoring travel awards for young researchers. The rules governing these awards are:

  1. 1Awards shall be open to Ph.D. students, or researchers who are within three years of the awarding of their Ph.D. degree at the time of the meeting.

  2. 2Those researchers who have won a travel award from GFB in either of the previous two cycles are not eligible. For example, the same person cannot win an award without at least a three-year gap.

  3. 3We shall only give one award per research group per year.

  4. 4Awards shall be for travel to either the April APS meeting or the DAMOP meeting.

  5. 5Awards shall be for $650, in order to defray travel and registration expenses.

  6. 6To be eligible, both the applicant and their advisor must be members of GFB. In the case of post-doctoral researchers "advisor" is defined as any senior researcher with whom they are collaborating on a project. If you wish to join GFB you may add GFB membership to your APS membership here.

  7. 7The applicant must have submitted an abstract for the meeting, and must present a talk or a poster.

  8. 8Awards will be made on the basis of merit. Merit will be judged from the applicant's CV, the quality of the work, and advisor recommendations.

  9. 9Advisor recommendations should include a brief description of the work to be presented at the meeting that briefly explains the most important result and its impact on the field. The letter should also explicitly delineate the contribution of the Ph.D. student to the research.

  10. 10Additional consideration will be given to students who are nearing the completion of their Ph.D.

  11. 11In the case of equally qualified applicants preference will be given to the applicant from a minority/underrepresented group.

The GFB travel grant application deadline for the “April Meeting 2020” and “DAMOP

Meeting 2020” is Friday, January 31st 2020.

Application: Please Click Here to Access Google Form

(you might need a google account in order to proceed with the application. If you have any problem with the submission, please, contact, James P.

Deadline: in order to apply for the award you must fill out and submit the Google form by Friday, January 31st 2020, for both the April Meeting 2020 and DAMOP Meeting 2020.

Note that your advisor will be contacted for his/her letter of recommendation once your application is submitted. The deadline for submission of your advisor's letter of recommendation is Friday, February 7th, 2020.

Send all travel grant application materials or any related questions to James P.

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