Atlantis mission STS-84

Movie of Atlantis lift off. This is our view from the NASA Causeway Viewing Site across the water from the launch site, Pad 39A at the Kennedy Space Center, at Cape Canaveral, Florida, of the Space Shuttle Atlantis lifting off at 3.07am on 15 May 1997 on mission STS-84 to refurbish the Mir spacestation. Atlantis carries aloft mission specialist Ed Lu.

Ed Lu, a former postdoc, is co-author of the famous HKLM paper “Reconstructing the Primordial Spectrum of Fluctuations of the Universe from the Observed Nonlinear Clustering of Galaxies”.

Atlantis missions STS-101 and STS-106

Ed Lu's 2nd mission will be on Atlantis mission STS-101, to be launched 22 Jan 2000 mid-April 2000, to outfit and to activate the Service Module, the core element of the Russian segment of the International Space Station.

Update: Because of delays in the launch of the Russian Service Module, mission STS-101 has been split into two, the second one being STS-106, scheduled for launch in late August 2000. Ed Lu will be on the second mission, STS-106.

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