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 target PHYS 5770 Gravitational Theory (General Relativity) Spring 2016: Syllabus


The two most important applications of General Relativity are, first, black holes, and second, the cosmic microwave background. The basis of the latter is general relativistic perturbation theory in a uniform expanding background. The intention in this course is to give you a thorough understanding of black holes, and to get you to the point where you can begin to understand the cosmic background.

Unfortunately, general relativity is challenging mathematically, which poses barriers to understanding the interesting applications. We will cover the mathematics that is required, but with a clear view that the purpose of the mathematics is to allow you to understand the applications.

I will hand out notes in advance for each section of the course, and I will lecture from those notes.

This is the planned path for the course:


Grading will be weighted as follows:


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 General relativistic volume rendering of a magnetohydrodynamic simulation of a disk and jet around a black hole Spring 2016 PHYS 5770 Homepage

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