Visitor Information

Our group welcomes professional visitors to our labs. Scientists wishing to participate in JILA's Visiting Fellows Program should contact Jun Ye and arrange a visit before initiating the application process. The Visiting Fellows program also offers one-year postdoctoral Research Associate positions, which are generally renewable for a second year. Well-qualified applicants are also encouraged to compete for prestigious National Research Council (NRC) Postdoctoral Fellowships, which require Jun Ye's sponsorship.

Students considering graduate work in CU's Department of Physics and members of the public are encouraged to contact our group's administrative assistant about arranging a visit.

Finding JILA

JILA is located on CU-Boulder's campus. You can find us with CU's campus map. We are listed in the "Campus Destinations" drop-down menu as "JILA." For information about getting to CU-Boulder, click on directions to Boulder.

Inside JILA

Our group is located in S1B40, at the southeast end of the lowest floor in the S-Wing. The easiest way to get to our lab from the reception area is to descend two floors using the circular staircase, head west into the B-Wing, and turn left. The Ye labs are on the left near the end of the hallway.