Physics 4610/4620/4630 - Fall, 2014

Jun Ye                                                                                               John Cumalat

  • Office: JILA X450                                                                                                                            Office:  Duane F321
  • Phone: 303-735-3171                                                                                                                      Phone: 303-492-8604
  • Email:                                                                                                           Email:
  • Home page:                                                                                Website:

Physics 4610 Meetings Friday from 4:00 - 5:00 in DUANE D142 in PDF

Physics 4610/4620/4630 Meetings Friday from 4:00 - 5:00 in DUANE G1B31 in PDF

Honors Defense Schedules for Fall 2014 in PDF

Honors Students Awards for AY2014 in PDF

Student Scholarships AY2014 PDF

Downloadable items

  • General Information for Physics Students wishing to graduate with honors PDF
  • Graduation with Honors Page in HTML
  • Deadlines for Graduating with Honors in Fall 2014 in PDF
  • Deadlines for Graduating with Honors in Spring 2015 in PDF
  • Registration to Graduate with Honors PDF
  • Members of the Campus Honors Council HTML format

Thesis format information using LaTeX

  • LaTeX information for Honors Thesis in PDF format
  • Modified Latex thesis class CLS format CLS format
  • Wikibooks LaTeX guide PDF format
  • Graphics guide PDF format
  • Bibliography Text guide PDF format
  • Symbols guide PDF format

Physics 4610 Students and Advisors

  • Shawn Beckman, date, advisor
  • Sean Braxton, date, advisor
  • Matthew Cantor, date, advisor
  • Christopher Carpenter, date, advisor
  • Meaghan Daly, date, advisor
  • Matthew Day, date, advisor
  • Mario Dumont, date, advisor
  • Maithreyi Gopalakrishnan, date, advisor
  • Stephanie Hanshaw, date, advisor
  • Caroline Hughes, date, advisor
  • George Kotula, date, advisor
  • Peter Madigan, date, advisor
  • Benjamin Miller, date, advisor
  • Yiqi Ni, date, advisor
  • Emily Randall, date, advisor
  • Ran Reiff, date, advisor
  • Thomas Rito, date, advisor
  • Sebastian Seeds, date, advisor
  • Jamie Shaw, date, advisor
  • Jared Stanley, date, advisor
  • Katherine Suess, date, advisor
  • Blair Thurman, date, advisor
  • Ethan Williams, date, advisor

Physics 4620 Students and Advisors

  • Connor Awe, date, advisor
  • Jasmine Brewer, date, advisor
  • Elias Euler, date, advisor
  • Trent Fridey, date, advisor
  • David Goldberger, date, advisor
  • Nicholas Green, date, advisor
  • Kyle Meienberg, date, advisor
  • Samantha Rubeck, date, advisor
  • Michelle Villeneuve, date, advisor

Physics 4630 Students and Advisors

  • Andrew Barentine, date, advisor
  • Rees McNally, date, advisor
  • Akihiro Yamaguchi, date, advisor

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