"Precision measurement and quantum metrology—Probing ultracold matter with novel light source ---

Our group explores the frontier of light-matter interactions, where novel atomic and molecular matters are prepared in
the quantum regime and light fields including both continuous wave and ulrashort pulses are exquisitely controlled. The experimental effort builds on and further advances precision measurement, ultracold atoms and molecules, quantum metrology, and ultrafast science and quantum control. We develop new technologies in the areas of high precision laser spectroscopy, atomic and molecular cooling and trapping, optical frequency metrology, quantum control, and ultrafast lasers; and apply these new technologies for research in fundamental physics.

We investigate ultracold strontium atoms confined in optical lattices for high-accuracy atomic clocks and quantum information science. Precise control of optical frequency combs are applied for sensitive molecular detections, high resolution quantum control, and extreme nonlinear optics to explore new frontiers in spectroscopy. Ultracold molecules are being explored for fundamental physics tests, studies of novel control of chemical reactions, and new quantum dynamics in ultracold matter. "

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