Sara Campbell HHMI Fellow

Dr. Sara Campbell was announced to be an HHMI Hanna Gray Fellows this morning

Recent JILA graduate Dr. Sara Campbell was announced to be a 2018 HHMI Hanna Gray Fellows this morning.

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HMMI) announced their selection of 15 early career scientists as the 2018 HHMI Hanna Gray Fellows on 12 September 2018. The fellowship, named for Hanna Holborn Gray, the former chair of the HHMI trustees and former president of the University of Chicago, seeks to encourage talented early career scientists who have the potential to make significant contributions to science and become leaders in academic research.

The 15 new Fellows are all recent PhD scientists continuing training as postdoctoral researchers in various fields including microscopy, parasites, biomaterials and nerve circuitry. As fellows, they will receive up to $1.4 million in funding over the course of eight years, from early postdoctoral training through several years of a tenure-track faculty position.

Dr. Campbell earned her PhD from JILA in 2017 by improving the Fermi-degenerate three-dimensional optical lattice clock in the lab of JILA Fellow Jun Ye. Campbell is now a postdoctoral researcher at Berkeley studying phase contrast electron microscopy with Dr. Holger Müller and Dr. Eva Nogales. For her fellowship, Campbell proposed using high-powered lasers to manipulate the electron beams used in microscopy to help make ultra-precise measurements of biological molecules and visualize their interactions at the atomic level.