Dr. Christian Sanner awarded the 2020 Helmholtz Prize for precision measurement in fundamental research

"Metrology at a glance" is the Helmholtz Prize's motto. (photo: PTB)

Congratulations to Dr. Christian Sanner (PTB, current research associate in Ye group, JILA) for receiving the Helmholtz Prize for outstanding scientific and technological research in the field of precision measurement in physics, chemistry and medicine in the categories of fundemental research and applied metrology.  The Helmholtz Prize is considered one of the world's most prominent distinctions.  It is awarded every second year in two categories--fundamental research and applied metrology and endowed with 20,000 euro prize money.  Along with Christian, two other scientists at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), Nils Huntemann and Richard Lange, have been awarded the prize for (Lorentz symmetry) for electrons.  Read more about this prestigious honor here: