Postdoctoral opening: We have 1 opening position for a postdoctoral researcher with a flexible starting date starting from July 2020. Candidates with a strong background in any subfields of quantum physics, semiconductor physics, or optics are encouraged to apply. Interested candidates should contact Shuo directly at shuosun AT Please attach a CV that includes your publication record and the contacts of 1~3 references. Interested candidates are also welcomed to apply directly to JILA through multiple funding opportunities (check here

Graduate research: We have 2~3 opening positions for graduate student starting from July 2020. We look forward to your application to our physics department graduate program. If you are a current CU graduate student, please contact Shuo directly to discuss about research opportunities. 

Undergraduate research: We have a variety of interesting projects for undergraduate students or summer intern students, ranging across quantum information theories, quantum optics simulation, EM simulation, optical design, device fabrication, equipment setup, and quantum optics experiments. If you are interested in working with us, please contact Shuo directly with a CV that includes course grades and a description of your interests. Positions are available starting from July 2020.