An interactive optical tweezers simulation for science education

A freely available interactive simulation of optical traps and their biological applications ( was developed. The target audience is undergraduate majors as well as more advanced researchers. The simulation has three panels: optical traps, manipulating DNA, and measuring molecular motors.

Educational simulations (sims) can be highly engaging and effective tools for helping students learn science and math. However, they must be carefully developed and tested. Since 2002, the PhET Interactive Simulations project at the University of Colorado has been working to provide these powerful learning tools to students and teachers worldwide.

Thomas Perkins, et al wrote and presented a paper on the development and use of an interactive optical tweezers simuation for science education. It was presented at the SPIE Conference.

Read the full paper and view the simulation at the Related Links, below.

Related Paper

An interactive optical tweezers simulation for science education, Thomas T. Perkins, Christopher V. Malley, Michael Dubson, Katherine K. Perkins

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