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First Demonstration of Sub-Wavelength Imaging at Short Wavelengths

TitleFirst Demonstration of Sub-Wavelength Imaging at Short Wavelengths
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsGardner, DF, Shanblatt, ER, Tanksalvala, M, Zhang, X, Galloway, BR, Porter, CL, Karl, R, Bevis, C, Zhang, B, Seaberg, MH, Mancini, GF, Adams, DE, Kapteyn, HC, Murnane, MM
Conference NameLaser Science 2017
Date Published2017-09

By combining tabletop 13.5nm high-harmonic EUV beams with novel ptychography reconstruction algorithms, we demonstrate diffraction-limit high-NA and sub-wavelength resolution imaging at EUV wavelengths for the first time, representing a record resolution for full-field lightbased microscopy


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