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Quantum signal processing with mechanical oscillators

TitleQuantum signal processing with mechanical oscillators
Publication TypeThesis
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsAndrews, RW
Academic DepartmentPhysics
Number of Pages134
Date Published06-2015
UniversityUniversity of Colorado
CityBoulder, CO

This thesis experimentally demonstrates how macroscopic mechanical oscillators can be used to process and manipulate electromagnetic signals, i.e. light. Light shined upon an object can cause it to move or, as in the case of a mechanical oscillator, vibrate. This interaction allows light to be converted between vastly different frequencies, and provides an opportunity to manipulate the time and frequency content of electromagnetic signals. The following chapters describe the construction and measurement of systems that use electromagnetic resonators and highly tensioned membranes as mechanical oscillators to manipulate electromagnetic signals with high efficiency and extremely low added noise. These results show that mechanical oscillators can bring needed signal processing capabilities to quantum information networks, where they can be used to connect separate, physically distant, and otherwise mismatched cQED systems.

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