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Daniel Dessau

I am a spectroscopist using a variety of tools for the study of the electronic structure, magnetic structure, and phase transitions of novel materials systems such as high temperature superconductors (HTSCs or cuprates); topological insulators, iridates, and strong spin-orbit materials; and colossal magnetoresistive oxides (CMRs or manganites).  We are users of  synchrotron light facilities around the world and also have unique ARPES (angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy) and Laser-ARPES instrumentation in our home lab.

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Research & Affiliations
Scientific Role:
  • Experimentalist
JILA Position:
  • Adjunct Fellow of JILA
CU Faculty Status:
  • Active Faculty
Department of Physics, University of Colorado Boulder
Faculty Website(s):
303-492-1607 (office)
303-492-3308 (lab)

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