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Electronics Shop

The electronics shop staff provides design, fabrication, and repair of specialized laboratory electronics, as well as consultation and training courses in electronics principles and techniques. The staff manages an electronics parts storeroom and maintains a pool of high-quality electronic test equipment that can be borrowed.

Design Services and Consulting

The electrical engineers in JILA's Electronics Shop provide flexible design services. These services range from complete ground-up design and construction of analog and digital devices to assistance in completing and refining student projects. The electronics shop staff has a combined design experience of more than 75 years that allows its members to solve even the most daunting problems in electronic circuits. Staff members can answer questions ranging from the most basic to extremely complex and sophisticated.


As many electronics in use in JILA laboratories have been designed and constructed in house, electronics shop staff members are able to troubleshoot electronics devices built throughout JILA's 50-year history as well as many commercial products. Staff members have experience sourcing obscure parts required for the repair of specialty equipment and the expertise to install them or provide assistance to students. 


The Electronics Shop staff maintains a wide range of high-quality test equipment available for loan. This equipment includes oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, function generators, and most other common electrical test and measurement equipment. The shop also provides licenses for Mentor Graphics PADS circuit capture and layout software that can be used by students.

Store Room

The Electronics Shop staff maintains a comprehensive storeroom stocked with commonly used components such as resistors, capacitors, op-amps, and enclosures. The storeroom has just about everything needed to get any project started, and staff can quickly and efficiently order specialty components. The storeroom has a workbench with soldering stations, power supplies, oscilloscopes, and a wide range of tools that can be accessed 24 hours a day.

Basic Electronics Course

Electronics Shop staff teaches a basic electronics course to familiarize new students with the fundamentals of electronics and introduce them to the resources and equipment offered by the shop.


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