New results with high-energy neutrinos in IceCube

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Tianlun Yuan / University of Wisconsin
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The IceCube Neutrino Observatory, a cubic-kilometer in-ice detector at the South Pole, offers a unique window into the smallest and largest scales of our universe. Over the past several years, IceCube has detected the first high-energy neutrinos of astrophysical origin, measured atmospheric neutrino oscillations, and performed searches of neutrino sources throughout the sky. As more data is collected, better detector modeling and systematic uncertainties becomes ever more important for neutrino astronomy and neutrino property measurements in IceCube. In this talk, I will discuss recent improvements for the high-energy starting event (HESE) analysis with 7.5 years of data. These include a more accurate atmospheric neutrino background calculation, a new likelihood description that correctly accounts for Monte-Carlo statistical uncertainties, and updated reconstructions with better ice modeling. In this context, I will show new results for the diffuse astrophysical flux spectrum, flavor composition, as well as several new physics measurements using the HESE sample.