New opportunities in dark matter at accelerators

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Nhan Tran / Fermilab
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The program to search for dark matter in the past couple of decades has mostly focused on the WIMP (weakly interacting massive particle) at the GeV - TeV scale. It has made impressive strides in sensitivity but has yet to unearth the particle nature of dark matter. Recently there have been many new initiatives to broaden the search for dark matter, many of them smaller scale experiments. Recently, within the US, there has been an effort to organize and contrast various experimental techniques and their sensitivity. One of the main thrusts of this dark matter initiative is to extend searches for dark matter below a GeV using accelerator techniques. I will discuss the status of this dark matter initiative and focus on the opportunities for dark matter at accelerators. I will lay out the various accelerator approaches to look for sub-GeV dark matter including beam dump and fixed target missing momentum techniques. As a specific example, I will go into detail on the missing momentum technique effort in which I am involved.