New Detectors for Probing Our Universe

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Peter Graham / Stanford University
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High precision technology offers a powerful new approach for particle physics and cosmology. In recent years there has been a surge of interest in using technologies such as atom interferometry, nuclear magnetic resonance, and high precision magnetometry in addition to the more traditional particle detection techniques. Excitingly, such technologies can allow the discovery of new physics which is otherwise completely undetectable by conventional techniques. For example the axion is one of the most strongly-motivated dark matter candidates, however to date only a small fraction of its parameter space has been explored. I will discuss several new experimental approaches to searching for this type of “ultralight” dark matter. Interestingly, these approaches are similar in many respects to gravitational wave detection. I will also discuss the use of atom interferometry for gravitational wave and dark matter detection and the new MAGIS detector. Such precision experiments will open new avenues for probing the origin and composition of the universe.