Get out your Popcorn: And Ultrafast Movie

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Markus Raschke / University of Colorado Boulder
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The properties of all materials (including those you use every day in batteries, magnets, touch screens, or solar cells) are defined by the intricate interaction of their elementary building blocks, especially electrons. Electrons hold the atoms together, and are responsible for color, electrical conductivity, and magnetism. However, the motion of electrons occurs both on extremely fast time scales with interactions on equally tiny length scales, making their microscopic investigation extremely difficult. We developed a microscope that can visualize the motion of electrons on their natural time scale of femtoseconds (millionths of a billions of a second) and length scales of nanometers (billionths of a meter). In this talk, we will discuss from the history of microscopy to the development of this new type of microscope to image the most elementary quantum processes for materials discoveries.