Elements for Improved Trapped-Ion Quantum Computing

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Andrew Wilson / NIST
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The NIST Ion Storage Group has a long history of coherent manipulation of trapped ions for the generation of non-classical quantum states and applications of these.  Using small isolated quantum systems, with well-controlled interactions that implement quantum-logic operations, we currently have an optical clock with the lowest-ever systematic uncertainty and two-qubit gates with the highest-ever fidelity.  This talk will describe recent highlights from the group’s efforts to develop methods and technology for scalable quantum computing.  While there is now substantial industrial adoption of trapped-ion AMO research for quantum computing, with bold and near-term commercial goals (including in Colorado), the engineering challenges of maintaining the high performance demonstrated with small systems to large ones enabling useful beyond-classical applications, remain formidable and relatively unexplored.  Engineering opportunities in trapped-ion quantum computing will be identified and discussed.