Driven-dissipative systems: A critical tale of nonequilibrium phenomena

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Prof. Mohammad Maghrebi, Michigan State University Dept. of Physics & Astronomy
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Non-equilibrium driven-dissipative systems, characterized by a fast external drive as well as a coupling to a dissipative bath, are not only relevant to a vast range of experimental platforms, but also pose fundamental questions about the nature of non-equilibrium states and dynamics. In this talk, I give an overview of such systems, and will argue that an effective thermal behavior often emerges in these systems. Nevertheless, I will discuss a driven-dissipative system of interacting bosons that exhibits remarkable nonequilibrium (i.e., non-thermal) behavior. Specifically, a generic continuous scale invariance at criticality is reduced to a discrete scale invariance, which will further result in complex-valued critical exponents and a spiraling phase boundary.  As a direct evidence of the underlying non-equilibrium nature, I will argue that the system appears “hotter” and “hotter” at longer and longer wavelengths.