An Asymmetric Yukawa Texture and Tri-Bi-Maximal Neutrino Mixing

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Pierre Ramond / University of Florida
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The discovery of two large mixing angles in neutrino mixing is in stark contrast with quarks where the largest mixing angle is small. Yet all standard model particles have similar gauge couplings. This tension has sparked much theoretical interest, couched in the language of crystal-like mixing matrices such as the prettifying Tri-Bi-Maximal (TBM) matrix with an ugly name! In this talk an asymmetric Yukawa texture is presented where the reactor angle is solely generated by electroweak breaking. SU(5) Grand-Unified patterns suggest close kinship between down quarks and charged leptons Yukawa mixings. Surprisingly a large Jarlskog-Greenberg CP violation, consistent with global fits emerges from this texture. The second half of the talk shows how to implement this asymmetric texture with a discrete family symmetry.