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Margaret Murnane: Leading Light in Optics

Published: 02-27-2015

Margaret Murnane. Credit: Glenn Asakawa, University of Colorado

JILA Fellow Margaret Murnane was one of three prominent scientists profiled in Nature's Optics: Leading lights: Shape it, squeeze it, energize it or tie it into knots. Scientists are taking light to new extremes published online in Nature on February 12, 2015.

Murnane was the focus of Fast Light: Margaret Murnane creates ultrashort laser pulses on a tabletop. Her profile (third from the top) takes her from her unique childhood in Ireland through graduate school and a long and productive professional career in collaboration with her husband and chief collaborator, Fellow Henry Kapteyn. The two scientists are currently making headlines with one of their most recent inventions: a tabletop x-ray laser.


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