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Henry Kapteyn Profiled in PNAS

Published: 10-11-2016

Henry Kapteyn, whose Inaugural Article as a recently elected member of the National Academy of Sciences appears in the current issue of PNAS.

Margaret Murnane, Kapteyn's wife and collaborator on research in ultrafast laser science.

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has just published a profile of Fellow Henry Kapteyn, a recently elected member of the National Academy of Sciences. The profile presents highlights of Kapteyn's life as well as his long and productive career in developing ultrashort-wavelength lasers, including table-top x-ray lasers. Many of Kapteyn's achievements occurred during a long and fruitful collaboration with his wife, Fellow Margaret Murnane. The profile accompanies Kapteyn’s Inaugural Article entitled "A new regime of nanoscale thermal transport: Collective diffusion increases dissipation efficiency."

The article describes how the Kapteyn/Murnane group uncovered a regime of nanoscale thermal transport in which nanoscale heat sources cool more quickly when placed close together than when they are widely separated. This work opens the door to new ways of managing heat in nanosystems and may affect the design of integrated circuits, thermoelectric devices, nanoparticle-mediated thermal therapies, and clean-energy technologies such as photovoltaics.

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