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February 2016: Export Guidance - Traveling out the the country with laptops and other equipment. You need to comply with United States export statutes and regulations whenever you take equipment, devices, computer software or technical data on a trip outside of the country.

In most situations, you will not need to obtain permission from the government to take the items with you and you likely will not need to take any special actions to comply with the export rules. Most of the equipment and data that you are likely to take with you are not specially controlled in most countries. There is a broad exception to the export rules for taking tools of the trade, with only a requirement of maintaining control; and the export rules generally will not restrain you from taking commercially available laptop computers and standard software to most countries. However, do not assume this is the case. Check the export controls link at http://www.colorado.edu/vcr/export-controls to know if you will need to request additional export guidance.

February 2016: A second level of approval from the University has been added to all international travel. Please allow additional time prior to your travel, and after you have received approval signatures on the JILA Travel Approval form, for your Travel Arranger or Maryly Dole (JILA Travel Liaison) to request University approval. Only when the international travel has been approved on both the JILA TA form and in Concur can you proceed to make international travel arrangements.

June 2014:  Please note that when you opt to personally purchase an airplane ticket without using either Christopherson Business Travel (CU's travel agency) or the Concur system (CU's travel system) you MUST get a printed comparison quote from a Christopherson travel agent prior to your travel departure date. The cost for the ticket you purchase personally must be less than what the cost would be through CB Travel.

You will then need to attach the comparison quote from CB Travel when submitting your Travel Expense Report (your request for reimbursement). If you do not provide a copy of the quote (requested prior to travel) and have purchased an airplane ticket yourself, it is possible that the University will not reimburse you for your airfare.


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