JILA Administration

JILA Governance

The Fellows of JILA govern the Institute. They are a voluntary association of invited CU faculty and NIST scientists who meet biweekly during the academic year and, if needed, during the summer. Every two years, the Fellows elect both a Chair and an Associate Chair. The Chair’s job is to implement the scientific and academic policies recommended by the Fellows and established by NIST and CU. The Associate Chair assists the Chair and may be selected as Chair during the next election. Typically, the Chair’s term of office is two years; NIST and CU Fellows usually alternate holding this position. The Chair is assisted by an Executive Committee, consisting of the NIST's Quantum Physics Division Chief, the Associate Chair, four Fellows, and the nonvoting JILA Chief of Operations and NIST Administrative Officer. The Executive Committee meets biweekly during the academic year and as needed during the summer to handle issues for the Fellows, including approval of proposals and appointments.

JILA Administration

Beth Kroger, JILA's Chief of Operations, and Julia Bachinski, NIST Administrative Officer, work together to effectively administer JILA’s unique NIST-CU partnership. The Chief of Operations oversees CU administrative functions and nonscientific support services; conducts overall financial planning and execution for JILA; and supervises staff members who are responsible for CU-related services. The Chief of Operations also functions as the Chief of Staff and the JILA Safety Officer.  The NIST Administrative Officer oversees NIST administrative functions and nonscientific support services; conducts financial planning and execution of NIST monies; and supervises the NIST employees and associates who are responsble for NIST-related services.

JILA Leadership

Name Roles Hours/Contact
Thomas Perkins
  • Chair of JILA

Office: A503
Email: tperkins@jila.colorado.edu
Phone: x2-5291

Andreas Becker
  • Associate Chair of JILA
Office: X350
Phone: x2-7825
Tom O'Brian
  • NIST Quantum Physics Division Chief
Office: A232
Email: obriantr@jila.colorado.edu
Phone: x2-6807
Beth Kroger
  • JILA Chief of Operations and Chief of Staff
  • JILA Safety Officer
Office: A233
Email: bkroger@jila.colorado.edu
Phone: x2-5625
Julia Bachinski
  • NIST Administrative Officer
Office: A230
Email: jbach@jila.colorado.edu
Phone: x2-7786


Administration Staff

Name Roles Hours/Contact
David Auerbach
  • NIST Travel/Payroll/Administration
Office: A231
Email: dave.auerbach@jila.colorado.edu
Phone: x2-7791
Maryly Dole
  • CU Travel
  • Parking/Phone Liaison
Office: A306
Email: dolem@jila.colorado.edu
Phone: x2-7793
Annie Fudale
  • Sponsored Project Specialist
  • JILA Shops Billing
Office: A303
Email: anna.fudale@colorado.edu
Phone: X5-6893
Douglas Johnson
  • JILA Adminstrative Databases
Office: A317
Email: johnsond@jila.colorado.edu
Phone: x2-0489
Joyce Kroll
  • Pre-award proposals, budget & submissions
Office: A305
Email: joyce.kroll@colorado.edu
Phone: x5-3118
Agnieszka Lynch
  • JILA Human Resources
  • CU Payroll and Benefits
  • Visa Issues
Office: A304
Email: a.lynch@jila.colorado.edu
Phone: x2-7792
Erica Mady
  • NIST Administration
  • Biweekly Payroll Processing
Office: A229
Email: mady@jilau1.colorado.edu
Phone: x2-7797
Caz Margenau
  • Sponsored Project Specialist
Office: A305
Email: kathleen.margenau@jila.colorado.edu
Phone: x5-0168
Kim Monteleone
  • JILA Executive Assistant
  • Supervisor - JILA Reception Desk
  • JILA Keys
Office: A236
Email: kim.monteleone@jila.colorado.edu
Phone: x2-5749
Eyvon Petty
  • JILA Safety Training
  • Assistant to NIST QPD Chief
Office: A231
Email: eyvon.petty@jila.colorado.edu
Phone: x5-1985
Diane Pryzgocki
  • Research Processes and Quality Assurance

Office: A235
Email: diane.przygocki@colorado.edu
Phone: x2-1798
Ingrid Simecek
  • Sponsored Project Specialist
Office: A306A
Email: ingrid.simecek@jila.colorado.edu
Phone: x2-8517
Cynthia Torres
  • Reception and Building Coordinator
  • Provide general and clerical assistance
  • Bagel, Coffee and Cookie Time services
  • Mail Services
  • CU Courier Services
  • Greet and direct JILA visitors
  • JILA Directory Photos
Office: A225
Email: reception.desk@jila.colorado.edu
Phone: x2-7789