Bill grew up in Colorado Springs, CO and has not strayed too far from home, moving all the way to Boulder to graduate with a BA in biochemistry in 2004. He then moved to CU-Denver to pursue an MS (awarded in 2008) in organic chemistry under Douglas Dyckes. In the Dyckes group he worked on the synthesis of a novel biomimetic bis-amino acid and grew accustomed to smelly solvents. Before completing the master’s program in Denver, he returned to Boulder to begin doctoral research in physical chemistry under David Jonas. In the Jonas group he worked on nonadiabatic dynamics in molecular dimers and near-degenerate states as well as femtosecond transient-absorption measurements of highly excited carriers in semiconductor nanocrystals. Having finally finished his formal education in 2012, he joined the molecular dynamics subset of the Kapteyn-Murnane group in January 2013 and is quite impressed by all the fancy lasers. He declined to list any hobbies, as he has young children and does not understand the concept of “free time.”