Kathy graduated with a BS in Physics in 2008 from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. As an undergrad she conducted research on the photoassociation of laser-cooled atomic krypton, the spin periods of Trojan asteroids and the dynamics of asteroids in the main belt. She spent about eight months in domestic disaster relief along the U.S. Gulf Coast, surveying and rebuilding hurricane-damaged homes, before joining the KM group in the summer of 2009. In her spare time Kathy enjoys hiking and backpacking, biking, reading and generally being outside; and she misses sailing on Lake Michigan.

Honors & Awards: 
  • 2015 Karel Urbanek Best Student Paper Award
  • 2013 NSF Best Poster and Video National IGERT Competition
  • 2011 Department of Energy nominiation to be a delegate to 2012 Lindau Meeting of Nobel Laureates
  • 2011 CPIA Best Student Poster
  • 2010 NSF Graduate Fellowship
  • 2009 NSF IGERT Fellowship