Jorge Nicolás (Nico)
Hernandez Charpak, Assistant Director of Research and Knowledge Transfer

Nico joined STROBE as the Assistant Director of Research and Knowledge Transfer in October 2017. STROBE, an NSF Science and Technology Center, aims to advance real-time functional imaging by advancing and combining different imaging modalities (visible light, X-ray, nano-probe, electron microscopy, among others). He focuses on connecting and coordinating the research across STROBE’s six different campuses, as well as on enhancing cutting edge imaging science and technology knowledge transfer to our STROBE’s trainees, the general public, and STROBE’s industry partners.  Nico received his B.S. in Physics and Computer Engineering from U. de los Andes (Bogota) in 2011 and his PhD from JILA and the University of Colorado Boulder in August 2017. Nico’s research, as part of the Kapteyn-Murnane group, focused on the development of novel characterization tools for thermal and mechanical properties of nanostructured systems based on table top sources of coherent extreme ultraviolet light. In his “free” time he enjoys hiking, climbing, skiing, directing the LatinoLabs podcast and co-directing the Forum on Ethics, Science, and Policy at CU Boulder.