Patrik joined the group of Profs. Kapteyn and Murnane as a research associate in summer 2012 to focus on the development of time-resolved and element-selective imaging techniques pertaining to spin dynamics in complex alloy and multilayer systems at the nano/femto limit. His work at JILA has greatly benefited from experiences he gathered during his Ph.D. time at the Research Center Jülich in Germany. There, he performed magneto-optical investigations in the extreme ultraviolet range employing ultrafast lasers, synchrotrons as well as tabletop high-harmonic sources in the group of Prof. Schneider at the Peter Grünberg Institut. Prior to this, Patrik studied physics at the RWTH Aachen University in Germany specializing in the field of solid state physics and writing his diploma thesis at the Institute of Semiconductor Electronics in the group of Prof. Kurz dealing with contrast enhancement in optical coherence tomography - an interferometric laser-based biomedical imaging technique. During this time, he broadened his scientific horizon by participating in the 5th student parabolic flight campaign organized by the European Space Agency in France and by studying environmental science at the University of Sydney in Australia. Thus, he was also able to complement his passion for diverse cultures expressed by his journeys through Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Honors & Awards: 
  • 2012 Postdoctoral research fellowship granted by the German science foundation (DFG)
  • 2010 Doctoral research fellowship granted by the German academic exchange service (DAAD)