Lab Awards

2021 Franklin Medal in Physics (Margaret Murnane and Henry Kapteyn)

2020 Named Fellows of the National Academy of Inventors (Margaret Murnane and Henry Kapteyn)

2020 Colorado Photonics Industry Association (CPIA) Poster Contest Winner (Yuka Esashi)

2019 TECHCON Student Presentation Award (Josh Knobloch)

2019 NSF Graduate Fellowship (Jeremy Thurston)

2019 R&D 100 Award for Quantum Microscope (KM Labs - JILA team)

2018 NNSA Stewardship Science Graduate Fellowship (Drew Morrill - student)

2018 Colorado Governor's Award for High Impact Research (Henry Kapteyn and Margaret Murnane)

2018 Elected Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (Henry Kapteyn) -Press release

2018 Presidential Distinguished Service Award for the Irish Abroad (Science, Technology, and Innovation) (Margaret Murnane)

2018 Science Foundation Ireland St. Patrick's Day Science Medal for Academia (Margaret Murnane)

2018 Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science, University of Notre Dame (Margaret Murnane) 

2017 American Physical Society Division of Laser Science Ph.D. Dissertation Award (Dennis Gardner)

2018 SPIE Karel Urbanek Student Paper Award (Robert Karl - student)

"Optics in 2017" features sub-wavelength EUV imaging-

2017 UFO XI Best Presentation by a Student Award (Jennifer Ellis - student)

2017 NRC Postdoctral Fellowship (Jennifer Ellis - student)

2017 NSF Graduate Fellowship (Nathan Brooks - student)

2017 Frederic Ives Medal/Quinn Prize by OSA (Margaret Murnane)

2017 SPIE Best Paper/Presentation Award (Chistina Porter - student)

2016 COSI Best Paper Award (Elizabeth Shanblatt - student)

2016 SRC Intel Fellowship (Joshua Knobloch - student)

2016 NDSEG Graduate Fellowship (Robert Karl - student)

2016 NSF Graduate Fellowship (Charles Bevis - student)

2016  Ph.D. Thesis Award from the National Research Council of Thailand (Dr. Chan La-o-vorakiat)

2015 Emil Wolf Outstanding Student Paper Competition for 2015 (Dennis Gardner)

2015 NRC Postdoctral Fellowship (Daniel Hickstein)

2015 Honorary Doctorate, Uppsala University (Margaret Murnane)

2015 American Indian Science and Engineering Society Most Promising Scientist or Engineer Award (Franklin Dollar)

2015 Karel Urbanek Best Student Paper Award, Kathleen Hoogeboom-Pot

2015 Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science, University College Dublin (Margaret Murnane)

2014 Moore Foundation Experimental Investigator Award (Margaret Murnane)

2014 NSF Graduate Fellowship (David Couch - student) 

2013 NSF Best Poster and Video National IGERT Competition (Kathy Hoogeboom-Pot - student)

2013 John Dawson Thesis Prize (Franklin Dollar - postdoc)

2013 National Academy of Sciences (Henry Kapteyn)

2013 Honorary Member, Royal Irish Academy (Margaret Murnane)

2013 NSF Graduate Fellowship (Leigh Martin - former undergraduate)

2013 NSF Graduate Fellowship (Jennifer Ellis - student) 

2013 Outstanding Alumni Award, Harvey Mudd College (Henry Kapteyn)

2012 Vice Chair and Chair Elect, APS Division of Laser Science (Henry Kapteyn)

2012 PECASE - Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (Prof. Wen Li - former postdoctoral scientist)

2012 DFG fellowship (Patrik Grychtol - postdoc)

2012 Outstanding Physics Department Graduate, Leigh Martin (undergraduate)

2012 Outstanding Engineering Physics Graduate, Carson Teale  (undergraduate)

2012 NSF Graduate Fellowship (Chris Mancuso - student) 

2012 NSF Graduate Fellowship (Daniel Hickstein - student) 

2012 Chairman Appointment, President's Committee on the National Medal of Science (Margaret Murnane)

2012 Willis Lamb Award for Laser Science and Quantum Optics (Margaret Murnane and Henry Kapteyn)

2011 Boyle Medal (Margaret Murnane)

2011 Finalist, IEEE Magnetics Society Best Student Paper Award IEEE International Magnetics Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, April 2011 (Chan-La-o-vorakiat - postdoc)

2011 Department of Energy nominiation to be a delegate to 2012 Lindau Meeting of Nobel Laureates (Kathleen Hoogeboom-Pot - student)

2011 CPIA Best Student Poster (October 2011, Kathleen Hoogeboom-Pot - student)

2011 NRC Postdoctoral Fellowship (Luis Miaja-Avila, former student)

2011 NSF Graduate Fellowship (Dennis Gardner - student) 

2011 Swedish Postdoctoral Fellowship (Piotr Matyba  - postdoc)

2011 Ford Foundation Fellowship (Dennis Gardner - student) 

2011 Jacob Van Ek Award (Leigh Martin - student)

2011 Finalist, APS DAMOP Thesis Award (Tenio Popmintchev - postdoc) 

2010 NSF IGERT Fellowship (Susannah Brown - student)

2010 R.W. Wood Prize of the Optical Society of America (Henry Kapteyn and Margaret Murnane) 

2010 Arthur L. Schawlow Prize in Laser Science, American Physical Society (Henry Kapteyn & Margaret Murnane) 

2010 NSF Graduate Fellowship (Kathy Hoogeboom-Pot - student) 

2010 Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship (Stefan Mathias - postdoc) 

2009 DAAD Postdoctoral Fellowship of the German Science Foundation (Isabell Thomann - former student) 

2009 Director's Fellowship, Los Alamos National Laboratory (Richard Sandberg - former student) 

2009 NRC Postdoctoral Fellowship (Mark Siemens - former student) 

2009 NSF IGERT Fellowship (Kathy Hoogeboom-Pot - student) 

2009 Chinese Government Scholarship for Outstanding Students Studying Abroad (Xibin Zhou) 

2008 Fellow American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) (Henry Kapteyn) 

2008 Ahmed Zewail Award in Ultrafast Science and Technology, American Chemical Society (Henry Kapteyn and Margaret Murnane) 

2008 NSF IGERT Fellowship in Computational Optical Imaging (Paul Arpin - student) 

2008 NSF IGERT Fellowship in Computational Optical Imaging (Matt Seaberg - student)

2008 OSA New Focus/Bookham Student Award (Richard Sandberg - former student)

2008 National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship (Nickolas Wagner - former student)

2008 Distinguished Professor, University of Colorado at Boulder (Margaret Murnane)

2006 Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences (Margaret Murnane)

2006 Finalist, DAMOP Thesis Award (Oren Cohen - former postdoc)

2005 Finalist, DAMOP Thesis Award (Emily Gibson - former student)

2004 National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship (Emily Gibson - former student)

2004 Lomb Medal of the Optical Society of America (Randy Bartels - former student)

2004 Member, National Academy of Sciences (Margaret Murnane)

2004 Finalist, DAMOP Thesis Award (Randy Bartels - former student)

2004 Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) (Margaret Murnane)

2003 Richtmyer Memorial Lecturer of the AAPT (Margaret Murnane)

2002 NSF Graduate Fellowship (Amy Lyttle - former student)

2001 DAMOP AMO Thesis Award (Tom Weinacht - former postdoc)

2001 New Focus Student Research Award (Randy Bartels - former student)

2001 Loeb Lecturer, Harvard University (Margaret Murnane)

2001 Fellow of the American Physical Society (Margaret Murnane)

2001 Fellow of the American Physical Society (Henry Kapteyn)

2000 JILA Scientific Achievement Award (Randy Bartels and Sterling Backus - former students)

2000 John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Fellow "Genius Award" (Margaret Murnane)

2000 LEOS Graduate Student Fellowship (Randy Bartels - former student)