Principle Investigator

Adam M. Kaufman


In our lab, we investigate how to apply the tools of atomic, molecular, and optical physics to  the microscopic study of quantum systems. We are interested in fundamental questions, such as, “how does classical physics –- such as statistical mechanics --- emerge from the collective behavior of quantum mechanical systems?” We also ask applied questions, for...

Research Associates

Dr. Matthew Norcia

Matt joined the lab as a National Research Council (NRC) Postdoctoral Fellow after completing a PhD in James Thompson’s lab at JILA.  Matt’s thesis, titled “New tools for precision measurement and quantum science with narrow linewidth optical transitions” focused on coupling a large ensemble...

Graduate Students

William Eckner

Will joined the Kaufman Group after completing his undergraduate studies at Yale University, where he graduated as a physics major. Along the way, he pursued his interests in biophysics, complex mathematical systems, and scientific research that can make a positive difference in people’s lives by studying computational neuroscience with Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Physics John Murray...

Aaron Young


Aaron was once a film major at Wesleyan university, but, after realizing there were far too many photons involved in film, turned his focus to photonics and quantum optics. He worked briefly in the molecular photophysics lab at Wesleyan, studying the dynamics of laser induced breakdown in water, before...

Undergradutate Students

Ben Johnston