Srijit Mukherjee

5th year Physical Chemistry Graduate Student

Integrated Bachelor and Master of Sciences, IISER Mohali, India

Fluorescent biomarkers have revolutionized microscopy and biological research, yet the complexity of light matter interactions in such applications need detailed understanding through spectroscopic analysis. Trained as a Physical Chemist, I am investigating the photophysical properties of Fluorescent Proteins and developing technologies to generate brighter Fluorescent Proteins. I have developed high-throughput optically-integrated microfluidcs assays to direct the evolution of Red Fluorescent proteins to higher fluorescence lifetime values. I am currently studying the implications of higher fluorescence lifetimes on the pathways of energy decay in Fluorescent Proteins - namely, the radiative and the non-radiative rate constants of decay. Aside from this, I am also investigating the dark state conversion properties of fluorescent proteins and I am studiying the impacts of the changes in lifetime on parameters such as single molecule blinking.