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NBS/NIST: 1961-2004

B: 1934, Denver, Colorado


Carnegie Institute of Technology BS (Physics), 1956
Carnegie Institute of Technology MS (Physics), 1958
Carnegie-Mellon University, PhD (Physics), 1961


Developing and applying innovative laser techniques to the study of fundamental physical constants and theories, and to advance measurement science.


Physicist, 1961-1978, Senior Scientist, 1979 - 2004
Senior NBS/NIST Fellow 1988 & Fellow of JILA, 1964-present


More than 20 awards including
U.S. Department of Commerce Gold Medals (1969, 1974, 2001)
NBS Stratton Award (1971); NBS Condon Award (1979); NIST Astin Award (2000)
OSA Townes Award (1984) (joint with V. P. Chebotayev); OSA Ives Medal (1991); Born Award (2002)
APS Davisson-Germer Prize (1988); APS/DLS Schawlow Prize (1993)
Presidential Rank Award (1980, 2002); IEEE Rabi Award, IEEE (2004)
Republic of France Légion d'Honneur (2004)


American Physical Society (Fellow)
Fellow, Optical Society of America (Fellow)
Delegate, Consultative Committee for the Definition of the Meter (BIPM) Sèvres, France, 1970-2004
National Academy of Sciences, 1984-present
International Union of Radio Science (URSI)


More than 235 publications and ten patents, including:
K. M. Evenson, J. S. Wells, F. R. Peterson, B. L. Danielson, G. W. Day, R. L. Barger, and J L. Hall, "Speed of light from direct frequency and wavelength measurements of the methane-stabilized laser," Phys. Rev. Lett. 29, 1346-1349 (1972)
J. L. Hall, C. J. Bordé and K. Uehara, "Direct optical resolution of the recoil effect using saturated absorption spectroscopy," Phys. Rev. Lett. 37, 1339-1342 (1976)
J. L. Hall and D. Hils, "Improved Kennedy-Thorndike Experiment to Test Special Relativity," Phys. Rev. Lett. 64, 1697 (1990)
David J. Jones, Scott A. Diddams, Jinendra K. Ranka, Andrew Stentz, Robert S. Windeler, John L. Hall, Steven T. Cundiff, "Carrier-Envelope Phase Control of Femtosecond Mode-Locked Lasers and Direct Optical Frequency Synthesis," Science, 288 635 (2000).
John L. Hall, Jun Ye, Scott A. Diddams, Long-Sheng Ma, Steven T. Cundiff, and David J. Jones, "The four Laser Ultras: a New Alliance for Physics and Metrology," IEEE J. of Quantum Electron. 37, 1482-1492 (2001).
Mark Notcutt, Longsheng Ma, Jun Ye, and John L. Hall, "Simple and compact 1-Hz laser system via improved mounting configuration of a reference cavity," Opt. Lett.30, 1815 (2005)