About the Smith Group

My research focuses on the theory of quantum information and computing. We seek to identify the ultimate limits that physics places on communication, information processing, and sensing and understand the implications of these limits both in terms of practical technologies and fundamental physics. This involves finding new ways to think about information and new techniques for analyzing it.

In the Spotlight

Photo of JILA Fellows Graeme Smith and THomas Perkins
September 16, 2021: JILA Fellows Thomas Perkins and Graeme Smith win the 2021 Outstanding Postdoc Mentor Award

JILA Fellow Thomas Perkins has been awarded the 2021 Outstanding Postdoc Mentor Award. This award recognizes mentors who have gone above and beyond to support their postdocs. Perkins was nominated by postdoc David Jacobson, who praised Perkins' effort to help Jacobson apply and receive the prestigious NIH K99 “Pathway to Independence” Award. 

JILA Fellow Graeme Smith also won the 2021 Outstanding Postdoc Mentor Award, being nominated by CU Boulder postdoc Vikesh Siddhu and former CU Boulder postdoc, Felix Leditzky. Leditzky said Smith “played an integral part in guiding me through the process and helping me achieve this career goal. I aim to pay forward the trust and support that I received from him.”

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Recent Publications

Coherence of Rabi oscillations with spin exchange
C. Kiehl, Wagner, D., Hsu, T. -W., Knappe, S., Regal, C. A., and Thiele, T., Physical Review Research 5, L012002 (2023).
Time-of-flight quantum tomography of an atom in an optical tweezer
M. O. Brown, Muleady, S. R., Dworschack, W., Lewis-Swan, R. J., Rey, A. M., Romero-Isart, O., and Regal, C. A., Nature Physics (2023).
A picture of a swinging atom
H. Bernien, Nature Physics (2023).

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We are located at JILA: A joint institute of NIST and the University of Colorado Boulder.

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