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Boundary-Layer Behavior of Relativistic Jets

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Friday, April 27, 2012 - 6:00am

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Susanna Kohler

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I'll be discussing the collimation of relativistic jets by the pressure of an ambient medium. As an ultrarelativistic jet encounters an ambient medium with a pressure profile with a radial scaling of p ~ r^n where 2<n<4, it loses causal contact with its surroundings and forms a shocked boundary layer. By constructing self-similar solutions to the fluid equations within this boundary layer, we can examine the structure of the jet and the impact of the external pressure profile on the behavior of the fluid in the layer. We show how the solutions for a purely hydrodynamic jet differ from those for a magnetohydrodynamic jet, and how the hollow-cone behavior that can result from this pressure confinement is consistent with edge-brightening effects observed in some relativistic jets.

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